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Month: May 2014

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How Scarlett Johansson Helped me Challenge Disfigurement Stigma

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Beauty is The Beast: How Women Let Their Looks Matter

The young Suchitra Sen – then plain Krishna Dasgupta – apparently once sat on a school bench and announced that she would be remembered long after her death. An ordinary middle class girl who was one of nine siblings, and an average student bereft of any artistic talent, all Sen had was her looks. But apparently, that was enough. "She was conscious of her great beauty... and behaved as if she... deserved every bit of the natural selection," wrote Susmita Dasgupta in a thoughtful Facebook note.
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Interview: Pramada Menon

Pramada spoke to us about the many roles she has undertaken in her life - from her early days with Dastkar, to her well known performance ‘Fat, Feminist and Free’ and her latest stint as a filmmaker. Pramada’s retelling of her fascinating and diverse engagements with body politics and queer issues is both enjoyable and inspiring!
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और जन्म हुआ गज़ल का !

पंजाब में रहने वाला गुनराज बचपन से ही प्यारा सा शर्मीला बच्चा था। अक्सर उसे लगता था कि इस दुनिया में वह ही एक मात्र ऐसा लड़का होगा जिसे लगता है कि वह एक लड़की है। जितना भी उसे उसके परिवार वाले या उसके दोस्त लड़के के रूप में देखते थे, उतना ही उसे लगता था कि वह लोग गलत हैं, क्योंकि वह तो एक लड़की है।
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