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Author: Shikha Aleya


The Many Shades of Parenting and Sexuality


Of Braille, Fighter Pilots and a Sexuality-Informed Approach to Science

I spent time reading up the basics of gender-neutral design to understand the connect between science, society and gender. Sometimes, some people try to prove that there are ‘scientific’ reasons for inequality and injustice, for depriving one set of people of the same choices and opportunities that another set of people enjoy. This is not true. Times are changing. ‘Biased technologies’ are being altered.

Reframing Family History

Often when we speak of families and family history, we talk genetics, traditions and inheritance of all kinds. Somehow our relationship by blood or otherwise to a clan is supposed to help us identify our place in the universe. So there's family medical history, family culture, family traditions of food and career. But sexuality? A family history that focuses on sexuality? What would that even mean?

Issue In Focus: A Travelling Sexuality

Travel and sexuality throws up different thoughts and feelings for us all. For me, it threw up the term travelling sexuality. I like it. Travelling sexuality. It sounds exotic or intellectual, adventurous, dangerous, depending on who you are and how you live life. A travelling sexuality could describe the way we evolve as sexual beings, shifting and changing identities.