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Relationships and Sexuality

The Editorial: Relationships and Sexuality

यौनिक सम्बन्धों में चयन का अधिकार

आली द्वारा प्रकाशित आली द्वारा 6 राज्यों में (जिसमें उ.प्र., म.प्र., हरियाणा, महाराष्ट्र, पश्चिम बंगाल व केरल शामिल हैं) इस विषय पर किए गए एक अध्ययन , से यह निकल कर…

Why I Am Addicted to Friendship Affairs, And Why it Has Nothing to Do With My Marriage

They were stranded together on an island, the only two English-speaking writers at a conference (this somehow happens in Berkeley). They have wild and instant intimacy of the kind where you tell each other everything. It’s the kind of friendship in which you want to be together all the time, the world is not enough, the day is not long enough to give you all the time you want with your friend.

Kink and Friendship

My sexual desires may not be what certain people called ‘normal’ and I could not share this with my so called friends as I thought they would consider me weird. Surprisingly a woman in my hometown introduced me to the world of Kink. She was a regular housewife and with her for the first time I got to know what I actually needed and wanted and it went on for a good amount of time till I moved out of that place for many reasons.

What Does a Feminist Relationship Look Like?

Feminist critiques are often critiques of relationship structures: marriage, the joint and nuclear family, monogamy, and heteronormativity. Patriarchy, fundamentally a system of inheritance, finds a natural home in these structures. This is why I’ve often wondered: how do feminists imagine and navigate romantic relationships? Do they have to constantly be thinking about and watching out for the many ways in which power, privilege, autonomy and entitlement manifest in their relationships and dating culture? It seems rather unromantic to do so.

Story of an Odd Couple

True were his words that people will always talk, but why? What was so wrong with us? Was it because he was shorter and I was taller? Or was it because that when we hugged he was more in my embrace than me in his? Or was it that I had to bend a bit to kiss him? Strange how perceptions work about couples – no matter which identity one conforms to.

The Insecurity Issue

A multitude of views are recorded when couples are interviewed about their sex lives and relationships. It is often found that while women are more concerned about the way they look and how they react to their partners’ moves (including women’s need to fake orgasms), men worry more about things like performance. It is safe to assume that all of us have sexual insecurities. So, what can be done about insecurity?