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Video Page: Find Your Beautiful

Why do things get dearer once they’ve passed? Must it take an old photograph of oneself, captured years ago, for us to see our beauty? And how come someone else’s hair or eyes or legs look better to us than ours? Why do we find so many things wrong about ourselves but can be so kind and gentle to the ones we love?

Actor Radhika Apte wonders what she would have to say if she could meet herself as a child, and finds one thing she’s learnt is to have a nurturing relationship with herself.

While the video’s message of women finding self-worth through beauty can be construed as sexist (our worth can’t be reduced to mere beauty and looks), and it also has the token ‘fat’ woman that one can criticise it for, one also can’t deny that the loving and acceptance of one’s body remains a universal, daily struggle of probably every woman the world over.